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I'm Eva-Lotta,

a photojournalist/filmmaker with long international experience, now based in Stockholm. After returning “home” to Sweden from my latest adventure – more than a decade of storytelling about humanitarian and environmental issues on the African continent – I now also teach workshops and speak about communication that inspires conservation.

Seeing first-hand how populations in Africa have been so directly, and individually, affected by climate change has offered an invaluable perspective on the crisis. It’s also lead to a profound respect for how these, often impoverished, communities, have already begun the challenging road to restoring some of our precious natural resources.

There are many lessons to be learned from this. The main one that now seems to underpin my work: We all can make a difference.

So, a new, exciting direction in my editorial work is to also coach/assist organizations and entrepreneurs with “green” initiatives in creating empowering, often positive, visual communication that inspires conservation (ecological sustainability) — often using film on social media.

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Work with me:

The Inspired Climate Hero video starter kit 

This digital mini workshop will help you discover the key ingredients to telling your conservation story to connect with and inspire your audience. 

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